Monday, September 10, 2007

stoned on cold medicine

Came home from work to rest and sneeze, and a rerun of "Friends" is on tv. Season One, an early episode.

Oh my god do they look young! I forgot how young they were when they started the show....Wow. They just always were my age, you know? I got older, they got older...I never really noticed the progression of time. Not until I looked back at the beginning of it all.

Of course, then I looked up when the first year of the show was...and it was 1995. I was 27 that year. That was the year we bought our house, and I thought that was THE most grownup thing I had ever done. (I still sort of do, come to think of it.)

I still think Chandler is the cutest of the guys on that show. Then and now. But it is amazing how much people (and lives) change in a mere few years.

Excuse me while I go take some more cold medicine. Maybe later I'll expostulate on another sitcom. But right now I gotta blow my nose and enjoy the buzz......

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