Monday, September 24, 2007

on the road again

I'm at the airport. Free wireless, so woo to Springfield for providing something that every airport should already have!

Checking in sucked ass. American charged me $50 per bag for being over the weight limit. (Continental, by the way, charges $25.) It used to be you could bring two bags up to 70lbs each if you were going to/from Europe. Now they've dropped it to 50lbs, with charges for up to 70. I mean, it's not too horrible, but I just get so tired of them changing the rules all the time.

So I had a small snit fit at the check in counter because I was mad, and I was mad that I was mad, and yes my luggage was heavy but I live in NORWAY dammit and they DON'T HAVE VELVEETA THERE so this luggage policy is very anti-expatriate, and my parents were there, watching and being supportive and I didn't want to say bye and I didn't want to have a snit in front of them because I'm a BIG GIRL dammit and big girls don't have snits at airports, and Aunt Flo is coming any minute so I am on the razor's edge of moody and irritable and can snap you like a twig if you look at me funny, and check in people at airports generally annoy me, though I can't put my finger on WHY, and did I mention I am just pissed off that I am so pissed off? And to top it off, I really don't feel like doing any of the following:

1) Flying
2) Being awake for the next 24 hours.
3) Being wedged into a cramped seat.
4) Eating bad food.
5) Going through all that damned security.
6) Wearing the same underwear for 24 hours.
7) Using a plane bathroom
8) Carrying stuff
9) Sitting next to crazy people (see Sept 16th's post)
10) Worrying if my damned luggage will make it or not.

But at least this airport has wireless access.

And I had IHOP for breakfast, which is always good.

See you back in Norway.

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