Thursday, November 02, 2006

SnoBloTiThro (SnotBlowTissueThrow)

I am not doing this.

For two reasons. 1) I will traveling the WHOLE month and so can't really say I will be able to. And 2) I really, truly can't STAND these hip abbreviations of things. NaBloPoMo? NaNoWriMo? In Austin they now call the South Congress area "SoCo". So would my house in Austin be in WesAus? And folks in Round Rock are in RoRo? People in Georgetown GeTo? Come on, people, USE YOUR full.

While I am on this high horse (and at my age it gets harder to get up there so you might as well stay a while) is anyone else totally and completely SICK of Kate Moss? I mean, DAY-um. She's in every freaking fashion ad in Vanity Fair, every damned photo spread in Vogue, I am so sick of her I could barf. She dates a total loser, lives like a spoiled 18 year old, yet somehow she manages to still be the muse of so many fashionistas? I just don't get it. And I've never thought her to be that gorgeous, either. Versatile, perhaps, but I just never liked her that much. So, Burberry, etc? I won't buy your stuff merely because La Kate is wearing it...I need something better. And possibly less...common?

On to the next rant......

My frigging cold will NOT let go of me. In fact, here's a haiku about yesterday:

Vivid yellow snot
Explodes from my nostril holes.
I am walking death.

Here's another, just for colorful emphasis. Let know one say I am not SE-XY!

Shade not from nature.
Gelatinous Gatorade?
My tissue is full.

Or how's this?

No one on the train
Sits next to girl with snot rags.
Railroad pariah.

Today I get to spend the day waiting for the cable guy and the floor heating guy. Even though our cable broke from no fault of our own and the only way to get it fixed is to get a home visit, always a last resort in Norway, I bet we pay through the congested NOSE for the privilege. They are doing a building wide check of the floor heating, and sent out these notices where they say "we are checking the floor heating in every flat. If you can't be there leave a key with your neighbor". I'm all like, what? Huh? Then how do I get into the building myself? Cuz I need the key to get in! And what if their times are not good for us? jeez....

I think I am most cranky because I have to pack. I have to pack a month's worth of stuff that will cover trips to: Pennsylvania, Houston, Austin and my parents place in the Ozarks. This means encompassing my high school reunion, Thanksgiving, a baptism, sloppy clothes for painting at my brother's new house, and weather ranging from below freezing to really very warm (it wass 85 in Texas last week).

Well, I'll do my usual. Jeans, boots, my sparkle jacket, the dress for the reunion (can work for t-giving and baptism as well) and a variety of t's and accessories. Plus the variety of little gifties I always try to bring,though not near the haul I brought from SouthEast Asia. Must remind self can buy whatever I need in the US.

Gotta go blow nose. But first, must clamber down from horse. These old bones are creaky today.

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