Wednesday, November 22, 2006

dogs who are not what they seem

We have a tradition in our family of naming dogs opposite of how they really are. For example right now my parents have:

Flumpy is a HUGE fierce 135 lb German shepherd whose ears have a tendency to flop (just a little). When he was a puppy he used to just flop down into the water of the creek on my parents property, with his rear legs splayed behind him in a very un-doglike manner. When I saw him do that, I told my brother (whose dog he was) that he "flumped" down just like my friend Bookhart's ancient stuffed animal she had named Flumpy when she was a child. Flumpy. Flumpy the puppy. And, the name stuck, even as Flumpy grew to be a huge, massive un-Flumpylike German shepherd. My brother would take the dog out to the park and call him over..."Fllluuumpyyy!" and everyone would look around for the little nerfy chihuahua doggie, only to see great galumphing Flumpy come running up. Teehee.

Teufel. Teufel means "Devil" in German, but Teufel is the sweetest, most patient dog on this earth.

Ginger. Ginger is the protector, the one who alerts my parents when people drive onto their property. Flumpy might be the one who would go after someone if necessary, but Ginger is going to be the one to alert everyone to the fact that there is someone there....She probably comes closest to her name, as she is a bit retiring and walks gingerly due to her advancing age.

So, because of this traditon of names that don't necessarily match the dog's temperament, I hereby nominate the name of the new puppy as...Engel. German for Angel. Because she's NOT. She's an ankle biting, head jumping, growling little maniac puppy who will chew your pant leg to smithereens (you should see my BRAND NEW J Crew cords...might as well cut them off into shorts now) and go on thru to your leg bone as the second course. She's a furry mini-menace all wrapped up in an adorable package of cute.

Engel. She's got sharp pointy teeth (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!) and a puppy-like eagerness to use them.........

Dad wants to call her Grace (once again, cuz' she's a klutz and a half) but that's too nice...I think Engel fits the family theme of Kraut names. Previous dogs include Schlingel, Mueschi and Heidi (nickname Hideous). But then there was also Big Boy, Playmate, Teddy and my old dog, Beaufort. Duchess of......

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