Monday, November 20, 2006

Notes on a road trip

Few things make me happier than a road trip. Give me a good car (5+ speed, no automatics, please), some good music (yeay iPod!) and a clear stretch of road and I am a happy girl. I can drive for hours and be perfectly content. I like to drive, I like to go fast......for me, nothing beats a good ol' road trip in the US of A.

Here's some comments on today's activities:

1) Note to Texas drivers:

MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING!!!!!! Hello?! I went thru three states today, and I will tell you that Texans are the WORST about sitting in that left lane like there is only the one lane, going 65 in a 70 and thinking they own the road in their giant Suburbans and Expeditions. If any of those inconsiderate asswipes had ever driven in Germany they would have been run off the road. It is completely rude to dawdle in the left lane. Yes, that was me on your ass. I didn't flash my lights only because you would not have known what it meant, you stupid git! I REPEAT: THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING! Next time I will not be so nice!

Thanks. You guys DO know how to go fast on a turnpike and how to get out of my way. Well done. I learned that the car I borrowed from my brother goes 110 with no trouble whatsoever, and it wanted to go faster but I chickened out. Plus I had to pee and saw a rest stop.....

3) Note to Missourians:
Stop talking on your cell phone, bitch! Passing me at 90 and then slowing down to 70 because your phone rings is just NOT on! Decide on a speed and stick with it! And get a better hair cut! That mullet is just wrong. Otherwise, I will say that Missouri has the BEST roads. All beautifully paved, smoothly banked and a joy to drive on.

Route 66 is really cool. On the way to my parents' house from Texas, I get to follow the route for about half the way. You really get a feel for how it used to be, and if you keep a sharp eye out you see old hotels, motels, garages and hints of how it would have looked at the time of thhe "Grapes of Wrath". While I usually opt for the faster interstate, every so often I get off and follow the old road and it always gives me a thrill.

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