Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm in Texas. At a hotel. Using my own computer. It's so nice having my little Mac back....all my bookmarks and my email and oh, lookie, there's iPod restocking all its podcasts....I feel back in control again.

There's a kick ass lightning storm going on cool to see a good Texas storm. We are on the 16th floor so we are seeing it fairly close.

The flight in from Newark was fine, but Newark airport kind of sucks. Especially the check in for Continental. They make you use machines to check in, but there are people there, too, but they don't really do much to help with things that the machines won't. Just seems stupid. Why have the people AND the machines, when neither seems much of a benefit? I mean, if the people can't help with special stuff, like, say, seating for extremely tall husbands, why have them? Why not just put up signs that say "We only have the machines. Special requests? Sorry, you're fucked", remove the surly people, and save their salary money for things like, oh I dunno, FOOD on the plane maybe? 4 hour flight and we got pretzels.....that's all.

Oh well. Now I am in the posh hotel in Houston (they have foreign currency exchange here for Euros, Canadian dollars, Japanese Yen, Mexican pesos, and Saudi Riyals only) and am happy to have my computer back in working order. Woo!

Tomorrow we hope to hit the Galleria and meet up with Julia (my Norway friend who moved back here) and then I have to gussy up for the reunion......

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