Friday, October 06, 2006

a little ranting, a little kvetching, and some dancing

I am endlessly entertained by the "readers respond" section of the Aftenposten. There's always something fun there. The first letter? About orange pee? In response to this article? Hilarious! And the second letter, by a guy named Gary Barrett? In response to this article? Well, let's just say he's my new hero, because if ONE MORE person shoves me, pushes me or cuts me off on the train to get the last seat even though I am OBVIOUSLY heading for it, I will go postal on someone's ass. Seriously, how hard is it to stand back and wait for people to get OFF the train before you get on? In England if someone behaved this way on the Tube they would get a right good telling off. So Gary Barrett? You rule. Really.

That was the rant.

Now for the kvetch:
I am wearing a sweater that is so itchy it is actually itching me through a whole other shirt. What the fuck? How can a sweater be sold that itches so bad that it goes through layers of clothes with its itchiness and scratchy nastiness? DAMN! And it's really cute, too, but I think I have to get rid of it. This is inSANE. I hate fall and having to cover up again. Summer was so nice. Just a tank top and off you go. I haven't itched in months. Damn. It's back to the season of scratch.

(karla removes sweater....aaaahhh.)(brr. now I'm cold.)

Now for the dancing. Every so often I hit iTunes to get me some more booty shakin' music, to help me motivate for the workouts and also, just to sort of keep up with the times. I mean, I'm aging here, folks, and gotta make an effort to keep up with the young un's. Though I fear what I buy is all still old person music.

Here's what I got yesterday:

Daft Punk, Technologic
Peaches, Tent In Your Pants
Goldfrapp, Strict Machine and Oh La La
Fischerspooner, Emerge (DFA Remix)
Scissor Sisters, Comfortably Numb
and, of course, the most recent episode of Project Runway. Is Vincent insane or what?

And in the other news that is making me dance, that I am not ranting about AND that does not make me itch or the left, there, that purple majestic dress in front? Ta Da!!!!! I found the dress for the reunion! Woo! WOO! It's by this Danish designer called Malene Birger, and it ROCKS, yo'. It's silk in this graphic print with purple, green and yellow, and it's got a full skirt and a tie waist and it sort of manages to be sexy yet covered up all at once. It has one button at the neck and then one at the waist, so the middle is open, but underneath it has a slip to wear under it so the girls don't do a J Lo and need to be taped down. Long sleeves with little cuff links. All floaty silk charmeuse. Cleavage, class and sass, aw yeah. AND it matches the yellow Coccinelle bag and shoes to perfection. I didn't want to wear yet another black dress...and DAMNED if I didn't find color! They have to special order it for me from Denmark because apparently this is THE dress of the season (trust me to pick the one thing that is hard to get) and all the size 42's in all of Oslo are sold out as it's running small. But there is one on the way to me (the lady who owns the shop really went out of her way for me, and I LOVE her) and judging by how the 40 fit, I am fairly certain it's gonna be perfection.

I'm psyched now......armed and ready. I've decided that the goal, here, is not to look 20 years younger, but to look 20 years BETTER. At least I feel better in my own skin than I did when I was 17.....

Also? Bookhart just posted some of the funniest links ever, all in one perfect linkylicious post on her blog. I am especially snorting coffee over the one about euphemisms for female masturbation, but all are equally hi-larious. Her blog constantly reminds me why I thought she was the coolest girl in the dorm when I met her in 1986. Fuck, dude, that's 20 years ago last month! I've known you more than half my life! LYLAS, beeyotch!

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