Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Is there such a thing as beforemath? Like, I had a straight "a" average in school beforemath, but aftermath it dropped to a "c"? Cuz, that, like, totally happened to me?


So, I got my passport back with the visa in it. AND the nice lady at the embassy gave me tons of brochures about Turkey. She's awesome. I heart her.

My bank card, alas, is toast. And I can't get another one before I go. It takes a week! Jeez, so much for service. So I got some USD out of the account here and will have to do an exchange once I get to Turkey. NOT my favorite solution. Luckily I am there with my, Dad, can I borrow some money? It'll be just like high school. Except now I can drink and cuss and I don't have a curfew. Well, not if they don't give me one......

I am not hungover after my "whine cure" of yesterday. So that's good. I do, however have cramps and will be flying on Day Two. So, pity me. Or, maybe more to the point, pity any poor SOB who dares fuck with me on that day because they will be destroyed. Destroyed by the withering glare of the Girl with the Evil Passport and Non-Magnetized Bank Card of Doom.

My dear husband has my useless passport pictures from yesterday pinned to his bulletin board above his desk. He says they are really good and "you can never have too many passport photos". Um, ok. How come it's always the things you don't really want that they say you can never have too many of? Like socks. You can never have too many socks. But seriously, who the fuck cares about socks? Not me. Unless they are in odd numbers, that pisses me off.

Which leads us to a good example of laundry aftermath.....

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