Sunday, July 31, 2005

Things that wierd me out

Just randomness today, in the form of things that wierd my ass out.

1) People who chew tobacco.
2) Eating any food where you can see its original form. I like my meat dead, faceless and wrapped in plastic. Crustaceans, though yummy, wig me out totally. Too many legs and antennae and eyes. Someone else will have to peel the big ones for me, I really just can't touch them.
3) Padded toilet seats. Cuz you know, I spend so much time on the can, might as well get REALLY comfy. Don't want to bruise my soft dainty ass....
4) Anything touching me when I am swimming. Thus, I don't swim 'in nature' much. If I can't see the bottom, I am leary about swimming in it. The idea of seaweed or fish or something touching me, yuurrgh.
5) The way tourists coming to visit in America are treated when they get off the plane. Unbelieveable, the amount of paperwork and shit they have to put up with. American customs is SO much worse than customs in any other country I have seen.
6) Women who just don't get that tight jeans and a tight top with belly fat hanging out is NOT SEXY. Why why why????
7) With so many things being watched via security cameras, I am always afraid that I am caught somewhere on film either picking my nose, rearranging my undergarments, or doing something equally gauche. There are some security guards somewhere laughing hysterically running a loop of me yanking my thong outta my ass, I just know it.
8) Jaegermeister. I get a headache just looking at the bottle.
9) George W's voice. My skin crawls everytime I hear it.

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