Tuesday, July 05, 2005

T minus 12 hours

Well, we've got about 12 hours left in this house, give or take a few hours. The packers come in the morning, and depending on where the bed ends up, we'll be in the new place tomorrow night. I finally got the last of the (damned) floaty white curtains up, and I am proud to say I bought exactly the amount I needed. I am now an Ikea curtain hemming expert. And I have ironed more in the past two days than in all the 10 years previous to now. I have a feeling I might be ironing alot in the new place, it's actually a kind of pleasant place to do it, what with the built in ironing board and all. (Gah! Did I just say that? Holy crap! What's wrong with me? I must be nesting big time. Yagh!)

Unfortunately, the internet is not coming with us tomorrow, it will take another two weeks. I hope to find an alternate means of feeding my habit. Nontheless, it will be sporadic no matter what. Sorry about that. Don't give up on me, for I am wiley and will find a way to post.

On Sunday I am going to the UK with my friend Lesley. We will take the boat from Kristiansand to Newcastle (I think) and thence drive down to Lewes, where she is from. I'm psyched for many reasons, not least of which it will be nice to learn about a new part of England, and also, I get to leave Rich behind with the boxes. (Hey, Me, Evil, remember?) Lesley and I and her daughter Wendy will go hiking and exploring and hopefully, the gorgeous weather we are FINALLY having in Norway will also follow us there. It's 82 degrees here right now! Wow!

Up at the flat I can watch all the hot sweaty people hanging out down in the plaza. There is a big fountain there, that has become an oversized wading pool for all the kids. It's a bit strange to see naked children in the middle of a town, my American sensibilities are slightly surprised. Kids here have SO much more freedom than American kids. It's very rare for anyone to mess with a kid, and in fact, moms leave their babies out in the strollers while they go in to shop. Kids are still inviolate here, which is really nice. But do I want to be looking out at naked children in the fountain all the time? Not so much. It's a fountain, people, not a public swimming pool. I'm feeling a little bit like an old perv, with all these Nekkideis around.

OK time for more packing. I don't know why I am packing so much stuff up when the movers are supposed to, I guess it just makes me feel more in control. Well, til later, y'all.

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