Saturday, July 23, 2005

Screwed by Nextgentel

I am about to do a Dave-style rant. (Dave at Blogography is my ranting hero.)


We STILL don't have internet and now they say that we may not have it for another TWO WEEKS! Or more! Stupid sack lickers say that the box they tie into for the ADSL on the edge of town is out of order and they need to find out how long it will take to get it fixed. At least that is their story now. After the half hour wait on hold, the switching around to four different technicians, and the four different stories we get, this seems to be the most common excuse. Um, you tell us this NOW after a two week wait? Like, if that box did not work, wouldnæt your other customers have let you know by now? Methinks you sucketh big donkey dicks.

I don't care WHAT the problem is. Give me an answer, offer me a solution within a definite time line, and then I will decide whether to go elsewhere for my service. You people have the WORST customer service I have ever seen, you make it impossible for us to talk to anyone and then when we DO get through, you won't give us a straight answer.

Hold on....were you trained at the George Bush School of Prevarication and Avoidance?

So here I am at the library, and yo, Habibi? You look over my shoulder at my screen ONE MORE TIME and I am ripping that turban right the fuck off your damn head, got it?

Yeah, I'm happy right now.

The flat is coming along nicely, it's almost done, though lately Rich has taken to following me around the flat and accusing me of denting the furniture and smudging the walls. When did he become the Anal House Police, and can he go find something else to do, please? Like, WHY would I go around making dinks in my own furniture? I don't remember him being this anal when we met. None of our furniture is THAT nice to begin with, and it was all pre-dented anyhow. That man needs a hobby, stat!

I want my internet baaaaaacccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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