Monday, July 25, 2005

Batman and beef

Hi there. It's me. Still no internet at home, still on the library comp. I have gone from anger at Nextgentel to just dull acceptance of the fact that my laptop at home has now become a very expensive, oversized beer coaster. I didn't realize how little I used it without internet. In fact, I never use it at all without internet. Maybe I'll go home and make some lists or something. I dunno. Make the computer do something other than hold my papers down on the desk.

So, to while away the time I would ordinarily be wasting online, Rich and I went and saw Batman Begins on Saturday night. There is a brand new movie theatre not 100 feet away from our flat. Sweeeet.

I liked the movie alot. Christian Bale brings a depth to the role that I found very interesting. I also loved Michael Caine as Alfred. Katie Holmes was kind of blah, she was just the token cute girl, though I admit that whole Tom Cruise thing has seriously colored the way I look at her now. They could have put any girl in her role and it would not have mattered.

What really psyched me about the movie, however, were the locations. Large parts of it were filmed at the Midland Grand St. Pancras Hotel in London, which Rich and I toured last summer. (Scroll down the page on the link for pics and story). The insane asylum was all set there. It was so cool to watch the movie and know exactly where they were in the building. And know that Rich and I are among the very few who have seen this place, as it still is under renovation and probably will be for a long time yet.

On Sunday we went to a Sunday buffet hosted by Rich's boss. It was at the Hotel Leangkollen, not far from the flat. It was a buffet and though the selection was not large, what there was was perfect. The fruits were sweet and just ripe, the salads flavorful, the desserts were heavenly, and best of all to this Texan carnivore, they had a carving station with one item and one item only: rare prime rib. It was GOOD. Served with your choice of three different kinds of taters, sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli and green beans, it was basic hearty food cooked with a simplicity and attention to deatil that I found quite inspiring. Food in Europe can sometimes be overdone and too fancy, but this was simple, tasty and just plain good. Yum yum. We staggered home and I fell into a beef coma. Long time since I have done that!

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