Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Well that wasn't so bad at all.

So I went to the Embassy to get my new passport (and do my name change, I figure after being married for 18 years, the relationship might stick, so I am going ahead with the name change).

I have to say, it was rather pain free. In fact there is one guy working there, they refer to him as The Officer, who is actually quite cool and I wouldn't mind having a beer with him.

Granted, there were lines out the door and around the corner, full of college students trying to get visas to study in the US. But as an American Citizen, my tax dollars finally get me something so I zipped to the front in my own VIP Citizen line, and evil glares from those behind the velvet ropes notwithstanding, got right in and out of there within about 15 minutes. Name change and all.

I still have to change it on the social security card, and also change it with the folkregister in Norway, which I think will be a bit more red tape-esque, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm just glad that I am finally changing my name (and getting rid of my middle name, which I have always hated and which I won't tell you anyhow, so don't ask.)

For right now, I


  1. Karen ( Blogless One)2:28 PM

    Congratulations on your pain free name altering experience!
    Glad you didn't lose your soul along with your surname in the US Embassy :o)

  2. Jaymo8:37 AM

    Evil glares from the ones behind the ropes?  From people who do not naturally queue as far as I can tell?  That's a bit rich.  Glad it went well for you and hope the rest of the process is smooth-sailing too.


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