Sunday, July 24, 2011

1000 words

A picture can say 1000 words.

Jens Stoltenberg has become a statesman within two days. He is very impressive. He is rising to the occasion and truly showing himself to be a leader of his people. Somehow I feel better knowing that this man is in charge.

I do not know who took this picture, but will find out and credit it.


  1. Jaymo7:58 AM

    The contrast between the behavior of the people running Washington vs our friends in Oslo...  I guess the sadness and pain for Norway makes you want to slap our own political idiots and tell them to grow up, man-up, and try to remember what they must have been like before they became "leaders".  Ought to make them all go sweep the streets in Oslo until they get some soul.  Thanks for sharing the photo, that's a keeper

  2. What Jaymo said. Dignity, compassion, respect, and honor are some of the things we need in the U.S., but my hopes for these things are always dashed. Greed, pompousness, arrogance, and megalomania are what we seem to get. I hate to think it is what we deserve. Norway has my sympathy and admiration and I wish a swift recovery from evil for all who are there.

  3. karlakp1:51 PM

    I am so disgusted by the behavior of the US politicians right now. They are such idiots. (Obama bending over to make the tea partiers happy, WTF? Man up and realise those asswipes are the MINORITY.) Grrr.


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