Monday, July 18, 2011

two weeks!

Props to the US Embassy. They got my new passport done in two weeks! I am impressed.

Just in time for me to now go renew my Norwegian residency permit (and do the name change thing in Norway, too.)

I don't think men appreciate the pain in the ass factor of women changing their names, nor do they, I think, really appreciate the act of the name change itself. It really is a big deal, changing your name to show the world that you are in this relationship with this guy. I'm still a bit wigged out about it. (Ok OK I'm 18 years late doing it, but still.) (And by the way, honey, you still owe me an anniversary card or flowers or something for this year......)

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  1. Corinne2:32 AM

    Why do the embassies/consulates always work passports faster than the postal service in the US?  How?  I've never understood that, personally.  Good luck on the name change!  I had the Norwegian name-change forms hanging around my house for a while (they were summarily "forgotten"), it looks like a fairly simple process, unlike the American process where you have to visit and change your name with everyone you have ever had dealings with.   I dunno, you'll have to let us know if it really is simple or a giant ass pain!


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