Saturday, July 09, 2011

The diet takes hold

Well, I think I posted a while ago that I was starting a diet. It's been going ok, mostly, I mean, I have definitely not GAINED any weight, but I haven't really been losing, either. My tummy is a little flatter, which is the goal of this whole exercise but.....I want to get back to the picture, on the left, there, when I was about 20 lbs lighter. (and 10 years younger but WHATEVER.)

I had to kick it up a notch. I'm going low carb.

Yeah, I know, EVERYONE is doing it and low carb people are SO annoying because they natter on and on bout how many grams of carbs they are taking in and what they eat and so on. (BTW, discovered a totally yummy low carb treat today. Take some pre cooked refrigerated shrimp, rinse, add to a bowl with some chopped avocado and a dollop of aioli and you have a hellaciously yummy little low carb salad. I ate it with a Wasa knekkebrod for a little crunch. Yummers.) (Sorry. SEE WHAT I MEAN?)

My grandmother (my Dad's mom, the most elegant woman I've ever known) always swore that bread and starchy foods make one fat. I always thought that was interesting, I mean, she came of age in the late 20's so that old nugget about starch had been around for a while. She did always manage to keep a pretty svelte figure, for someone for whom exercise was gardening and that was IT. And damn if I am not JUST like her, in so many ways. What worked for her, might work for me too. I DO know that I feel better when I don't eat a lot of rice or potatoes, though I also have that intense craving for a damn bite of bread, already. (I'm DYING over here.) (And I am a fan of the crunchy, I looked at pork rinds the other day at the grocery store but can't quite go there yet.)

My version of low carb is fairly moderate: keep it under 100 grams a day, less if possible. Yesterday I managed 40. I am trying really hard to not have the sugar in my morning coffee, but the health food store alternative sweetener (stevia) isn't doing it for me (it tastes like licorice!), and I can't do artificial sweeteners (migraines!). So the sugar might have to remain. When I get hormonal (gals YOU know) if I want bread/that -amazing- pastry -at -the- bakery -by -work -where -the -cute -guy -works, then I shall have some. But, overall, I can totally do this low carb thing as it also allows me to have my rosé occasionally, which, as we all know, is Karla Juice. (I hear cava and prosecco are low carb, which is even BETTER news.)

The main thing is, between the low-carb and the LoseIt website, is that it is forcing me to think about what I eat and take responsibility for portions and so on. It's not too hard, once you get into the habit of it, which I now am. I just have to make judgement calls and decide if this particular craving is worth the calorie/carb number, can I eat less or substitute something else or should I just say what the hell and go for it.

I lost a half a pound after 3 days. I'm calling that progress.


  1. lissa9:35 AM

    I have the most success with low-carb also. South Beach worked wonders, until after 6 weeks I fell back into my sugary habits. I am back on the wagon, though. ;p

  2. Karen ( Blogless One)4:10 PM

    Keep it up Karla! The results will come and the slower you loose weight the longer,more sensible it shall stay off! We are what we eat - that is why I kicked everything "white" to the kerb and now 3 months later I feel clean and have oddles more energy!

  3. karlakp12:03 PM

    I'm HUNGRY!

  4. I choose to think red wine is pretty low carb, all in all.  If you get the mashed-potato craving, I have a good recipe using cauliflower that might fool you into thinking you're going off the reservation.  You can use cauliflower run through a food processor and micronuked as a rice substitute also, works very well.  And the Wasa crackers in moderation provide a lot of crunch without a big payload.  Oops, I think this qualifies as annoying carb-obsessing.  Or something.  Have fun!

  5. karlakp12:08 PM

    Just ate about a pound of chicken, with tomatoes and mushrooms, and had eggs (and two wasa)  at lunch today, so I am not as hungry today as other days. Obviously, you, Jay, have been on the carb wagon. OH the fun. IT's not that hard, actually, and the protein suits me better anyhow. (I hate cauliflower, though. Because...OY the farting!)


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