Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am a bad blogger...but will make up for it now.

Dudes, I know, I know, I am a bad blogger. My posting frequency is shit, and I do apologize, but life, she is a hard mistress and I really barely have time to get through the average day, much less write about it and break it down into humorous vignettes.


Had some serious fun on Saturday night when I met up with some blogging babes at the Dubliner. All people I had previously met this summer at the Oslo Blog Gather, which didn't have a huge turnout but what it lacked in numbers it matched in genuine fun and great people. Last night didn't disappoint either, I haven't laughed that hard in AGES, and I also enjoyed the company of some of my friends who came along to meet some fellow expats and have a few laughs.

Also the Dubliner has hands down the BEST fish and chips in Oslo. I don't know how they do their mushy peas, but they turn them into something that is tasty beyond the humble little pea into something that makes me want to lick the plate. Savory garlicky tasty goodness right there. Nom nom. The Dubliner is one of my three favorite bars in Oslo. The other two? Forest & Brown and Skaugum. I like kind of divey, comfy cozy, non-trendy-poshy bars. I don't like sleek bars with sleek people. They make me stabby.

It snowed like a MOTHER FUCKER last night, I have rarely seen it come down that hard. It was incredible. Then today it warmed up and was foggy all day, the snow is melting a bit which will mean a slippery day tomorrow. I stayed in, nursing a very slight hangover (more just tired than a headache) and played Domestic Goddess all day. I cooked up some chicken to chop and freeze for future meals, made some cabbage rolls that are currently in the crock pot (love my hard won crock pot!) and did some tidying and sorting of various things in 'my' room. 'My' room can get very messy if I don't stay on top of it. My natural state is chaos, and my day to day task is to fight the chaos back so that it does not overwhelm me. I'm kind of a a neat freak stuck in the persona of a Messy Marvin. (I'm very clean but not very tidy. I like to organize but I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crapola I own, and it usually wins the war so I then need to either re-organize or just throw the crap out.) (Note to self: STOP GOING SHOPPING, that might help!)

Anyhow, last night was fun, and refreshing. My blog pals make me feel like a rock star, some of them are blogging because they first read my blog and thought it might be fun to do the same thing themselves. I am always honored and flattered when I think that I might have had a small impact on someone's life....even if only in a small bloggy sort of way. Blog on, women! Blog on with your bad selves!

Oh! And Nerd Thrill of the week? I got a retweet on Twitter by @waitwait. For non twitterers, this means nothing, but for me, NPR geek and lover of all things Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, getting retweeted by @waitwait is nothing less than a mention for the Gods On High. I'm still a bit bouncy over it. Squeeeee!!!!!!!


  1. zunzun1:40 PM

    You clothes sister moved to London four years ago with a suitcase in hand...I went to visit a couple of months ago and her closet can't hold her clothes.  She came to visit this X-mas and couldn't understand how much space I had in my closet....(then again...I do make up for it with bags/purses and shoes! ;)

  2. I saw the retweet and was star struck by proxy...then Paula Pundstone started following me like 2 days ago. We have good Wait wait Twitter karma these days, apparently. My only goal in life is to spend progressively (sic) more time lying in the grass in Palisades Park in Santa Monica while listening to NPR podcasts.

  3. Uh, POundstone, rather. I never did learn how to not type like a drunken donkey.

  4. American in Norway4:37 PM

    Hey Karla!  Had a blast on Sat & can't wait til the next time we can laugh our asses off... dying to try the other bars..  :-)

  5. ah man, how did you score a crock pot? I want one. Maybe I'll build my own, how hard can it be.........

  6. ah man, how did you score a crock pot? I want one. Maybe I'll build my own, how hard can it be.........

  7. karlakp1:28 PM

    Go to Pixmania Norge, and under 'dampkoker' there are two crcokpots. Only place in Norway they can be found. Delivered, ironically, from France.

  8. karlakp1:29 PM

    Dude, yo uare being followed by Paula Poundstone? You are a rock star! I'm being followoed by someone called 'bodyoilperks'. WTF?

  9. I'm stoked, but she should've followed you instead; much better quality and quantity...I'm totally lazy. But hey, even the major of LA followed me briefly, but I wasn't tweeting much at the time... And some seriously random ones have come and gone. How do they even find us??

  10. Jaymo4:20 AM

    No, you're a GOOD blogger!  Love your stuff and always look forward to seeing what you have to say.  And NPR is big-time, you should be impressed with yourself!  Carry on please, carry on!  Oh, and Dubliner sounds awesome.  Wish I could have been there, but I had to go punch a kitten.

  11. RennyBA9:31 AM

    It was great to see you again and thanks for bringing some friends too! Thanks for the hug and the fish & ships advice as well!

    You know there was some picture taken from this thrill of a party and I also shot some film. You're welcome over to check it out:


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