Saturday, January 08, 2011

And the new year has begun

In what will feel like a month, it will already be 2012, you know how fast time goes?! But right now it is 2011, and I am trying to get a fresh start on a few things.

Like, I have gone for a week and not eaten ANY wheat. It's not really for health reasons, or anything, and not really for weight loss. I am just a total bread whore, and think maybe I should shake myself up a bit and not have wheat for a while to get out of the bread-for-lunch rut I have been in.
See in my office, in the canteen, they have all these loaves of fresh bread right there, for the taking, and you just cut off however much you want. (Most Norwegian offices above a certain size will have a subsidized lunch canteen, as a way to foster casual communication amongst employees and also as a perk in this extremely food-expensive country. In our canteen lunch costs about 15nok a day, you can't even get an apple at the grocery store for that, so it's a good deal.) All that bread, just sitting there, is like crack to me, I can't resist it. I particularly like the olive bread and the crusty white poppy seed loaf, and have been known to wolf down 4 slices, with the accompaniments of butter or mayo and deli meats.

This must stop. I'm pretty sure the bread has added to the size of my ass, not to mention I don't think that my body processes wheat that well, I think it just goes to fat. (My grandmother, my dad's mom, never ate bread, ever. I think I have her metabolism, so I might as well try her diet too, but with milk (she hated milk) and without so many cigarettes!) I usually feel better on a high protein and veggie diet, but of course, it is hard for me to sustain easily. So, no wheat for me, to wake myself up, see how I feel and think a bit more creatively about food.

It hasn't been TOO bad. This week mostly went ok. The only hard part has been not having fresh boller in the morning, and not having pizza when I am too tired to cook and just want to pop something in the oven and be done. (Pizza might be an issue, actually. It's the only fast food option I find acceptable from the freezer section here.) As long as no one offers me fresh cookies or cakes, I should be ok. I can still have sugar, rice, potatoes, etc., but not wheat. This means no beer, but I can have wine, so that's ok.

I haven't crossed the pasta bridge, yet. I'm going to try it with gluten free and see how that works. I can always just have risotto or something instead.

So, first week of my no wheat promise-to-self accomplished. I told me I'd do it for a month, see how it goes. So far, so good.

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