Friday, April 09, 2010


Random bullet post.
  • Stayed home on a Friday night.
  • Husband went to the pub...was rather convincing in his unenthusiastic invitation for me to come along.
  • As he said "There's tons of people there...well, no, not Emily, no not Jan, actually, you and Eileen would be the only girls, so, it's mostly just the you want to come all the way out for the guys?"
  • Translate: "No don't come I wanna drink til I slur and hang with the boys without you."
  • Fine.
  • I have plans tomorrow anyhow, so there. ptphptbtbppppbbth
  • I stayed home and had a glass of rosé.
  • And tortilla chips.
  • I am trying to lose some weight you see.
  • Good diet so far eh?
  • I managed to get out of my 1987 dress.
  • Yoga seems to be working for me.
  • I am a tiny bit more flexible.
  • I could reach the buttons to undo them.
  • I'm in my Dia de los Muertos comfy jammy shirt now.
  • Spent the evening messing around in iTunes.
  • Discovered I have been a long time fan of Alice in Chains.
  • I am very bad with band names and songs.
  • So I KNOW a song, and I LOVE a song, but I don't know who does it until I happen upon it.
  • I happened upon ALL of Alice in Chains.
  • Which I now own.
  • I jammed to it in the 90's, but only bought it now.
  • Typical.
  • Also, London?
  • Rocks.
  • Had a great time.
  • Bought 7 dresses.
  • Including a Liberty of London for Target dress.
  • Except it was more a Target of USA for Liberty of London dress as I bought it at Liberty of London!
  • They had the whole collection there!
  • Which is good because do you know how much a damned Liberty of London shirt costs?
  • Yikes!
  • And the Target stuff was cuter cuts, anyhow. More than just boring button up shirts.
  • Though Liberty does have some very beautiful designer collections.
  • And some dumb stuff, like this.
  • Seriously, I checked it out.
  • Dumbest thing ever.
  • Shit, battery on laptop dying. Bye!

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