Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion vs death

Now, I am ALL about the fashion. Or maybe I should say I am ALL ABOUT the personal style. Cherry pick the current trends that work for you, hang on to the ones that aren't that current but look good on you, and every so often indulge in that one silly thing that makes you feel fabulous. (For me that's purses or a great pair of sandals.)

Except, shoes like these. Trendy and fashionable, maybe, but AVOID THEM.

These are what I call sittin' shoes. Yeah, you might think you want to go out in them and be fabulous, but I guarantee all you will want to do is sit. Walking? Dangerous.

Like, yesterday. I was waiting for the tram when I saw this gorgeous Norwegian girl, maybe 20 years old, dressed up for a night out sitting on the curb by the tram stop. She was truly lovely, blonde hair pulled up into a chignon, long elegant legs, short black dress....and legs running with blood. Why? She was wearing shoes like these, and she fell off them, and bloodied both her knees, her shins and somehow, I think, one of the stilettos stabbed her in the back of one calf, because there were liberal mounts of blood there too. Her friend was with her, and mopping up the blood the best she could, but there was a surprisingly copious quantity which I think was starting to freak them both out.

The shoe victim tottered onto the tram I got onto and managed to find a seat, and I hope she went home, cleaned up and put on flat shoes. Poor thing. That must've hurt really bad.

That being said, I do have a few pairs of shoes that might not be considered safe. They are maybe 3 inch heels, and I feel very daring and TALL in them. (I end up at 6'1" or 6'2" in heels.) But I love how my feet look in them.

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