Friday, April 09, 2010


Today I wore a dress I have had since 1987.

Oddly enough, or maybe sadly enough, it is dead in fashion again.

Brown silk with little yellow and magenta flowers, above knee length, with a tulip skirt, pockets on the hips and a fitted waist. I think it's Anne Klein though the label is gone, it was an expensive dress for me back then, just beginning college. It was barely warm enough to wear it today, as it is sleeveless, with a yellow shrug sweater over it. (And a coat for going outside!)

And yes, it still fits me, after all these years. I must admit, it is a 'standing dress' as when I sit it rather unfortunately hikes up and yikes, things can get a bit naughty. Also, I am stuck in it until Rich gets home as I can't quite reach the buttons in the back. I had to leave a few open until I got to work until I could waylay a coworker to button it.

Still, I was rather happy to wear it again, though I don't think I can wear it as I used to, bare legged and with sandals. I need tights or leggings under it now, with my fish white legs that just don't do above the knee dresses anymore!

Today feels like spring in Oslo. FINALLY. Glory be.

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