Monday, July 20, 2009


This will be the building we live in.

This will be the dining room.

This will be our home.

I meant to take pictures this morning, but forgot to do so because I was too busy exclaiming over nooks, crannies and awesome period details in our new soon to be Oslo flat in a building built in 1898. Then I jumped around and hugged Rich and started mentally placing furniture and planning the house warming party. And so no pictures ever got taken (these come from the broker's website, and no I am not posting that, you think I want EVERYONE at our door?) My heart was POUNDING. I haven't felt this giddy since we found our house in Austin. This apartment, in Oslo, is ME. Me to a 'T'. A bit funky, oh-so-not-perfect, a bit creaky, but it's got soul and style and heart.

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