Monday, July 13, 2009


Random stuff today·

  • Last night I saw a show called MXC. It's a MST3K style reworking of Takashi's Castle, an 80's Japanese show. Rich kept hollering at me to 'Come here! You gotta see this!', so I got my ass out of bed and checked it out. That's some funny shit, yo. It's on Spike in the US, catch it if you can, especially if you liked MST3K and snarky commentary. (And, as always, if you have heard of it, seen it, or you're all, 'WTF Karla, that is OLD NEWS! That's been on for AGES', well, then, be nice, m'kay? We are behind the times with US TV here in Norway.)·
  • I also spent more hours than is normal watching season 5 auditions of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. God I love to watch 'the dance'. To have that sort of facility and power over one's movements, what a talent. I am an ok dancer, have good rhythm, but judging from the one modern dance class I took in college (I got an A only because I wrote an essay on the history of the dance, as my dancing skills were just NOT where they should have been), and my being politely asked to leave my ballet classes when I was 7, I don't think I'd ever have been a candidate for SYTYCD. (I think I could be a kick ass belly dancer though. I think I do have a talent for that.)·
  • We saw two places on Saturday that are possibilities for new housing. One is a rental, a rather large rekkehus (townhouse), a bit of a walk from where we are now but doable. (I'd definitely lose some weight in the walking back and forth to the train, 2km each way.) VERY early 80's, needs some paint on all those bare wood walls. It was almost too big. Rich liked that. I'm iffy. It did have a gorgeous outdoor terrace, though. There was also a smaller place we saw, a perfect little jewel of a place, so cute, I loved the kitchen and everything was just as it should be for a small place, but Rich said he felt like it was too small. (Remind me in my next life to have a smaller husband). I don't like big places. I like places that are cozy, manageable, and with a place for everything. No more no less. I have never wanted a McMansion. It's not my style.
I'll see another place tomorrow, central Oslo and I hope to see one other this week as well. This OTHER one, that I hope to see, I have very high hopes for.· I still don't want to move, though. I am in mourning. The idea of packing it all up and humping it up and down stairs and all the CRAP with getting phones and internet set up….ARRGGHH! Don't WANNA DO IT!

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