Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I hate being a dork.

I fell up the stairs at work today. UP. The. Stairs.


(Note: I usually take the elevator at work for this EXACT reason, but took the stairs today. From now on, when I get peer pressure from my Norwegian colleagues to take the stairs, I am going to show them the piece of bone that is probably missing from my leg now, as proof that me and circular stairs do NOT mix.)

It was caused by my toe getting caught in the hem of my wide legged pants, and the fact that my new, cute, teeny tiny glasses don't actually offer me any peripheral vision and so looking down is problematic. And I sort of need to look down on stairs.

So I fell and my shins banged really hard on the stair above the one I was on. Damn it hurt. I went down to get ice from the canteen but guess what they don't have? Can you imagine, a kitchen with no ice? ARg.

So I waited til I got home and put a bag of frozen mushrooms on the right leg (the one that hurts more) and a bag of frozen broccoli on the left. The mushrooms worked better.

I have an egg sized lump on my right shin.


(FYI: I am awaiting word on the flat of my dreams that I saw yesterday....keep fingers crossed. I really need some good luck now, I am tired of all bad news. Here's to mojo improvement!)

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