Sunday, July 26, 2009

anticipatory stress

After going through a bit of a rough patch where I was thrown into uncertainty on every level, things seem to be on a more level playing field now. I know that I will stay in Norway a bit longer. I know Rich's job is ok, for now. I know that my job will be going gangbusters from here on out. Career trajectory set to take off. (My job situation was all hinging on Rich's and if we were going to stay in Norway. Now that my boss knows I am here for a while, he's throwing stuff at me right and left and it's like project manager boot camp in Karla Work Land. Nice to know I'm needed, but WOW it's busy.)

And I know that we will move into the new apartment. SWEET.

But I've changed my stress from the "aw shit wtf what will we DO?" kind to the kind that I think of as excitement stress, or anticipatory stress. You know, where you have so much stuff happening, that, even though it's exciting, you can't sleep because you are thinking about it all the time? For the past couple nights I haven't been able to sleep because my brain just will NOT shut down.

I am thinking about:
  • what furniture to get for the new place
  • what furniture to get rid of for the new place
  • what furniture to paint
  • where it will go
  • how will it be delivered
  • what movers to use
  • when to move that I can be available as September is gonna be an awful busy month workwise
  • will Rich be able to handle the move without me?
  • Hahhahahahaha!!!
  • sorry cracked myself up with that one
  • how will I arrange my closet(s)
  • which Ikea closets will I buy
  • how will we sell our clothes washer and our outside furniture
  • how will we move little last minute things without a car (and my inherent and unmitigated fear and loathing of driving in central Oslo)
  • when's the housewarming party
So I am tired, tired from thinking and organzing and planning. And while it's nice to have the feeling in the pit of my stomach change from wanting to throw up all the time to fluttery little butterflies of excitement, it still doesn't help me settle and get some rest.

Now...while I'm thinking......what color will I paint that chest? I'm thinking black to match the black and white toile de jouy wallpaper in the entry........hmmmm......

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