Thursday, August 21, 2008

a video for your enjoyment

Here's a video I took on the boat on the Arctic trip. We were at the end of a fjord looking at a glacier (picture to come).

Yes there were little iceberglets floating around and it was cold, (not unbearably so) but beautiful. Somehow the colors aren't as nice on blogger as they are on my camera. The trip by the iceberg was a nice bonus, we were ahead of schedule and so could make a quick visit.

If you watch the video, you'll see my friend David flipping me off as I film. Around the office we also call David Stewie. Because, seriously, he IS Stewie, complete with poshy deep British accent and completely warped sense of humor. I assume the diaper will come later in life.

At the very end of the video you'll see a man with a beard come into the picture. That was Erling, our guide, a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic geologist and also the Indiana Jones of the Arctic. Seriously. The guy was so manly that it was almost funny. He just could NOT be more manly if he tried. So were his assistants, Mathis and Per. Gun totin', woman helpin', mountain climbin', lantern jawed manly men. All us girls (7 of us and 20 boys, which made it very enjoyable for us gals) rather enjoyed being assisted by them at every opportunity. But then, if you are an Arctic explorer, I guess you gotta be pretty tough. And manly. (sigh)(swoon)

Here's the glacier. Not the best picture, but dammit, glaciers are BIG and it's hard to get a picture with a normal camera.

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