Friday, August 01, 2008

Sun during eclipse...and a brief moment of 'duh'

Sun during eclipse, originally uploaded by karlakp.

I pointed my phone camera at the sun during the eclipse and got this. You can see the moon take a bite out of it!

While we were sitting outside, one of my regular lunch buddies had these special glasses you can use to look directly at the sun and see the eclipse. We took turns looking, and you really could see the eclipse perfectly, though everything else was completely black. Of course everyone outside had to have a turn as well. A girl who is working in the office as a temp asked if she could use the glasses to see the eclipse, to which we said yes, then she asked, looking DOWN...... "Where is it?"

Where is it? You mean the sun? Oh, it's here, under the table.

I think one of my lunch mates did actually say, "Uh, it's that big shiny thing up in the sky?" To which we all started cackling like 6th graders. The giggling continued long thereafter.

Duh, much? Poor girl had NO idea what we were laughing about.

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