Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday blather

Is anyone getting tired of my random bullet point posts? I sort of love them, but I know they are not for those who like things that are linearly thought out, have a logical progression and/or thinks grammar is important. However, my brain is so NOT linear, and these bullet posts?They mirror my brain, people. Yes, it's a mess in there.

I will try to refrain from bulleting today.

Hmm, let's see. Ok, first of all? I tried canceling August (substituting another month so that no one would miss out on vacations, etc.) but it didn't work. I figured, if I canceled August, I would skip over my 40th birthday. Thus I could still be 39. Not that 39 is so woo woo a year, but 40? 4o could possibly be grown up territory and I just ain't ready for that sort of commitment. Like, when reading magazines, like Vogue's Age Issue? The sections on fashions for 30's are all about "be funky! express yourself! experiment!". Then you get to 40's. "Classic is the key! It's all about quality! Skirts to the knee!" I don't WANT classic! (Well I do but not all the time!) I want FUNK and I want to EXPERIMENT and I don't want to be put out to the fashion pasture just because there is a 4 at the beginning of my age! I'm NOT READY for the perfect skirt suit!


I might, however, have some exciting news regarding where I will be for my birthday. I can't announce it yet for fear of jinxing it and there are some logistical issues to be thought out, but if it works out? This could be one HELLUVA 40th birthday experience. 'S'all I'm sayin'. I should know more next week.

And, here is where the linear progression part fails. Friday night. (Smooth transition? I think not.) Friday night at the pub, drinking, watching an Irish friend who just turned 29 get wasted. (Ha! 29! She has her whole 30's in front of her to experiment with funky fashions and the colorful hosiery options that are verboten at the crack of the 40's!) The dj starts spinning his TRULY AWFUL MUSIC. Laughably awful, horrendously awful, like, give me your fucking dj stand and I will plug in my iPod and it will be a million times better, awful. We started dancing to the one or two songs that were danceable, and after a few comments on my awesome sense of rhythm (this is true, I do gots the beat, baby) I think I finally have managed to crystallize my dancing style into a verbal form.


Pole dancer + hip hop sista + Molly Ringwald in "Breakfast Club" = Karla's dance style.

Masticate that in your mental imagery systems.

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