Thursday, August 07, 2008

After 21 years you'd think something would change

Here's a video (it's about 10 minutes) of my friend Lee's pretty fricking awesome birthday party. It's a brilliant idea, which led to 12 hours of serious pub crawling. I've known a bunch of these people since college, and i can tell you that we all act pretty much exactly the same now as we did then, except now we have less (or greyer) hair, can afford better beer, and we have noisier joints.

God, watching this video was like being in Austin (sans the sweat and the funk that comes from said sweat). I mean, there's Lee with his East Texas accent (I love his accent) and Margaret trying to be the voice of reason, yet looking cute as a button in her authoritarian drunkenness. Bobnoxious forgets how many pubs they have hit, and Mick gets cut off at the bar when she tries to buy birthday boy Lee a drink.

The Austin buses run at their own, mysterious rhythm (they always have) and the pub crawl goes to all my favorite bars, all very near my house in Austin.

Sigh. What a great time. Wish I had been there. (But thanks for the video guys!)

I have some special birthday plans too. I can't quite announce them yet, but as special as Lee's 4oth was in a Texas way, mine will be special in a Norwegian way. I'm still kind of freaking out about it and have alot of stuff to do in preparation.

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