Friday, August 01, 2008

time for a random post

I feel random today.


  • Here is a prime, if very extreme, reason why I don't like traveling on busses. Can you imagine?
  • I'm wearing all white today.
  • And drinking coffee.
  • Disaster in the wings, just waiting to get me.
  • I've also discovered that my top is a bit see through and hello bra!
  • Eh, who cares.
  • Half the world has tits, mine being semi-visible ain't no big thang.
  • Hehe, it's actually TWO big thangs!
  • The solar eclipse will be visible from Oslo today at 11:43.
  • We are going to eat lunch outside today so that we can see it.
  • I made a pinhole camera so I don't burn my eyeballs out.
  • Me? Nerd? Nah.
  • The weather is still warm, though they say it will cool off substantially this weekend.
  • And rain, dammit.
  • But we have had a good couple weeks of insanely good weather.
  • Just long enough to forget how depressing and dreary winter can be.
  • These summer days do feel like they would last forever.
  • Or at least going for a walk.
  • Have to keep the momentum going.
  • I am a bit bummed that July is almost over.
  • Oslo is so nice with everyone gone!
  • Also, August means that I can't escape my 40th birthday.
  • It's coming whether I want it or not.
  • Unless I die, of course.
  • Which I have not got any plans to do, it's not in my Outlook at work or anything.
  • Which is good.
  • Can you imagine, checking your schedule and seeing 'death' marked on your calendar at 2pm for Thursday?
  • Would that be a one hour meeting or an all day event, and would it be marked private or public?
  • Sorry, I am getting into wierd territory here.
  • Just checked my Outlook, just in case. No death, just a business meeting and a doctor's appt coming up.
  • Whew!

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