Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Norwegian advertising

I've written a few times before about funny advertising here, and how they can do things that an American advertiser wouldn't DREAM of. (Like the ad for a yeast infection cream in which real live women are actually ITCHING themselves in what they think is private and then getting caught by some guy who is rather confused by the active scratching she performs. In the States yeast infection cream ads are always some woman walking dejectedly down a gritty city street, dirty bitch that she is, then next frame she is running happily though a field in a frenzy of non-itchiness all due to the wonders of the Monistat cream, though the ad never mentions the term 'yeast infection'.)

Witness these two very short and very hilarious ads for a store called Kondomeriet, a shop that sells things of a "self pleasuring" nature.

The tag line on that one was "all vibrators 20% off".

And here is part two:

I nearly fell over laughing when I saw that first ad. So cleverly done, and so funny. In fact, I am gonna check out the sale. (Teehee.) Not to mention that when I go on my walks around the Semsvannet, I will certainly pay more attention to the cattle grids I have to cross over. Maybe I'll buy a bike?

Then today I saw this sign advertising the fact that you can buy your train tickets online.

Norwegian advertising, originally uploaded by karlakp.

I call it the "Clit Express". I don't think they meant it to look like that, but seriously....trains, tunnels, that particular mouse looking like THAT....there are so many subliminables here, I can't even begin to think how many Freudian psychologists are just falling over themselves to deconstruct THAT one.

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