Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's face it you ARE your parents.

Today I wore this dress that I got from H&M. It's a BIG black and white floral print (like one flower covers my whole ass, so we are talking BIG flowers here!) wrap dress in a slinky jersey knit fabric. The dress is knee length.

I loves me the wrap dresses. They just work for me, you know? They hug the curves and hide the squidgy bits. And it's like wearing a bath robe, it's that comfortable. (If you don't have one, GO GET ONE, yes, even if you are a man!)

Anyhow, about mid way through the morning, I was wondering why I was jonesing so hard on this dress, when it made me realize, oh. yeah. This dress, this simple silky knit knee length wrap dress, is pretty much what my mom wore throughout the 70's. Same exact style.

She told me once she wore them because my dad liked them. And here I am, wearing it because *I* like it. Must be genetic.

My parents circa 1966(?) before I was born. (FYI I apparently was conceived (mistakenly) after a night of drinking at a party. This explains alot about me.)Dad's hair is greyer but they pretty much look exactly the same.

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