Tuesday, June 03, 2008

fastest blogpost ever

this will be the fastest blog post ever. I have 5 mins break between classes and I gotta pee as well. Obviously won't do both at same time.


Today is raining and dreary so good day to be in a class. The class (a project management course) is very intense and my poor little brain struggles to apply terms like 'stakeholder', 'end user', 'project implementation document' etc., to my work. I do think the class will be worth the travel and money, however.


So far this trip has been a mixture of work and sight seeing, mixed in with a healthy amount of frustration at my work computer which is just not working with the hotel's wireless and three, count em', three moves in the hotel itself due to room issues. The hotel was taken over by a new company which has raised prices ALOT and lessened services, so I guess I will have to find a new favorite hotel AGAIN in London. Seems like every time i like a hotel someone takes it over and raises prices. I guess I have an aptitude for up and comers?


I'll post a picture or two from yesterday later. Sorry if I am slow to post your comments but my work computer is just not working well and it takes about a minute to load a page, so I get a bit frustrated and just shut the whole damn thing down. I'm also out of the loop on everyone else's blogs, so have no idea what is up with everyone! I'm in a blog free zone right now!



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