Thursday, June 12, 2008

baby birdies

I've been following One Tired Mom's story of her baby birds so imagine my surprise when Rich pointed out to me that we have our own family of birds on our deck.

A family of Wheatears (I've never heard of them, but they are well knwn for 'running ahead of you and showing you their white behinds') (I'm not much of a bird watcher, but Rich comes from a birdwatching family) has settled in a groove on our balcony deck. This groove is sort of under the decking, along the side, in a drainage area. There are about 7 very hungry and busy baby birds and some very tired and active parents flitting to and fro feeding them.

I tried to take a picture but they are hidden in the groove. I can't get too close as the parents are pretty protective. But will try to get a picture as soon as I can. They are SO CUTE. Little furry grey bundles of fuzz

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