Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bullet Point Sunday

  • Rich's birthday was nice.
  • I 'stealth baked' a strawberry shortcake for his birthday work party, which his coworker Eileen took to work with her.
  • This not only entailed baking the damn cake so that he didn't know I was baking it, (I sort of organized a pub evening so he wouldn't be around) but also getting her the cake and all accoutrements the morning of the party without him noticing.
  • Which is why I was all "Um, honey, what time are you going to work today?"
  • His coworker Elaina planned the whole thing, sweet thing that she is. It was a joint party for Grant (post to your blog damn you!) and Rich, who have birthdays within 3 days of each other.
  • Oh and Happy Birthday Karen as well!
  • Luckily it went off without a hitch. His boss even chipped in by planning a meeting with him that was actually subterfuge for a cake eating fest with him and all his coworkers. She even baked him a cake too!
  • I don't think Europeans get American strawberry shortcake. Most of it came home with Rich from work. I think they thought it was too dry. They missed the point that you pour the cut up sugared strawberries over the shortcake and let the juices soak in, then serve with the melty ice cream.
  • Oh well, more for us!
  • The baby birdies went down in number from 7 to 4 to three (natural selection is a bitch) and now they have flown away.
  • It rained all morning and I think they literally flew the coop because it really wasn't the best place for a nest. I didn't really get any decent shots.
  • I was awakened this morning by the trumpeting of elephants.
  • The circus is in town! Right across the street!
  • We hear the music and see the tent through the trees!
  • I am SO going to the circus this week.
  • Tonight's dinner is fajitas!
  • Time to eat!
  • yum.

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