Saturday, July 23, 2011


So the bomber/murderer in the Norway attacks is a fundamentalist right wing Christian, a Norwegian, who lives in a posh flat right by my office and apparently bought a farm just to have an excuse to get the phosphate he needed for the bomb. So the dude has plenty of money and no humanity.

This is so very different from what people automatically expected, which was, of course, a Muslim terrorism act, by al Quaeda or similar. That's automatically what people expected, what they discussed ad infinitum and honestly, what we all figured was true.

So first, apologies to all the Norwegian Muslims. Sorry you got stereotyped and automatically blamed.

The sense of shock that a Norwegian would do this, one of 'our own', is quietly bubbling up. I don't think anyone knows what to make of this, how could one of 'US' go so wrong, in a country known for its moderate approach and demeanor? And how could this guy be so brutal, heartless, cruel and inhuman?

It is truly shocking.

So instead of yesterday being Norway's 9/11, it was more like Norway's Oklahoma City/Columbine combined. That is a lot of terror, heartache and brutality for one small country to take all at once.

I send my thoughts and heartfelt sympathies to all the families of the children/people affected by these terrible events. A senseless act of useless violence.


  1. desertwind7:49 AM

    Dear sweet Karla. Thinking of you.

    Of you all.

  2. Mary Ann10:17 AM

    When I heard about the blast in Oslo, I immediately thought of you.  Releaved to hear you're okay. It sounded so much like what happened  to us here in OKC. Once again mans inhumanity to man. Its so sad that little children and innocent adults have to be involved in someone's insanity.
    Stay safe!
    Mary Ann

  3. gmhaggis2:37 PM

    I know its not intentional, but .... the act of a "fundamentalist rightwing Christian"....not "a Muslim terrorism act"....reinforcing the stereotype that only Muslims can be terrorists?  

    Kind of falling into the same mindset as most of the media these days - from the last Friday's NYT: <span>"Terrorism specialists said that even if the authorities ultimately ruled out terrorism as the cause of Friday's assaults..."</span>


  4. karlakp1:48 PM

    Grant I think you are playing semantics. If you read what I wrote I'm saying that I understand the stereotype too.


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