Tuesday, December 18, 2012

They sang to me, at my leaving party

Half the office sang to me, to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 15 or 20 people, all standing in a circle, singing, to me. (I blubbed). (And laughed) (and then I had to give a speech, which I hate doing, and saying goodbye also is painful, so it was a blub fest all around).

The song:

Karla the big haired Texan

There’ve been Germans and British, a wig fan from Sweden

Canucks and some Russians you’d best be believin’

But who will we recall as the most memorable import of all…

Karla the big haired Texan

Has some fancy sittin’ shoes

And if you ever tried them

Your toes would be all black and blue

For all of her  bosses

She’s always done her job with flair

Though while she works her magic

Her swearing might just curl your hair!

Now so near to Christmas Eve, we’ve all come to say

Karla with your hair so high

Let’s raise a glass before you fly

Though times are now a changin’

And you’re off for the new company

Karla the big haired Texan

Good luck from your office family!

I am going to miss these people, oh so much.


  1. I'll bet when you get tired of sweating in Texas you will have a cool place to go.

  2. That's sweet!


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