Saturday, December 15, 2012

Duvet day

I decided that today I deserved a duvet day. My schedule has been mayhem, and there are about a million things I should be doing that I didn't get time to do this week, but, instead, I am still in my jammies (still being a tease as it's 7:30 pm and 'still' suggests that I may yet change out of them, which we all know I won't), in bed, watching Season 2 of Mad Men (having finished Season 1) and eating chocolates. I did a load of laundry today but have yet to hang it up to dry. Hello, my name is Sloth, the laziest of sins.

It snowed very heavily yesterday and today. When I woke up this morning, even before my eyes were fully open or I had my glasses on, I could tell it was snowing by the quality of the light. It was brighter but suffuse light, kind of soft. Hard to explain to those who don't live in a place that snows (as I soon won't). The snow reflects and lightens even if the day is grey. That is why Norwegians prefer the snow, it offers a respite from the dark. I always feel like it muffles excess noise, lightens the air, somehow cleanses. Cleanses the air and the soul. I also like snow days because if they happen on a weekend, it gives you a very good excuse to not go out into it. I guess in Texas you need a good thunderstorm or a hurricane for that.

As I lazed around today, messing about on Twitter and Facebook and briefly but sadly glancing at the horrible news coming out of the States, I realized this is my last Norwegian duvet day, and one of only three Saturdays I have left as a resident in Norway, in this apartment.  In exactly three weeks I will be en route to Houston.

Part of me felt like maybe I should be more active, bustle and hustle and do busy things. But the part of me that wanted to enjoy the lazy won. I have enough time to worry later. But today is my only snowy day left in bed in God knows how long, if ever again. I think after all this hard lazing about, I might go put myself into a hot tub of fragrant bubbles and pretend like I am doing something productive. (It IS cleaning, of a sort, right?)

So let's chalk that to a thing I will miss about Norway: lazy snowy duvet days.

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