Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Monday

It was wierd getting up this morning to realize it was my last Monday to come into the office here in Norway. That knowledge, unfortunately, did not make it easier to get up. In fact, it might have made it harder. I mean, the weather is CRAP, the snow is all slushy because it started raining on Sunday, turning all that lovely white snow into slush and mud and ice. Walking is treacherous. (To add to the 'things I won't miss about Norway' list.) It's dark and grey and has felt like twilight all day. Right now, I am looking forward to a little sweat in Texas. Sweat and the possibility of not falling on my ass at every turn.

I also had another thought last night, one of many as I tossed and turned and tried to not fret. (Obviously I failed in that one.)

I am going to be staying in a temporary apartment for a few months in Houston. Rich will be finalizing things here. I will be learning the new job and relearning how to live in Texas. It will also be the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE that I have lived alone. (BTW, stalkers, it's a controlled entry apartment and no I am not telling where it is.) But seriously, my entire life has been a series of living with someone. Either my parents, or college roommates, or Rich.

I've never lived alone. Not once.

It will be so strange (and maybe also, exciting?) to actually move into a space that is all mine, mine alone, to set up and mess up as I please, answerable to no one. I can clean it or not, cook for just me, throw my shoes in every corner, slob out if I want, and have it be a space that is only mine. The remote control will remain in my hand and my hand only. I get ALLLLL the closet space! I've never had that!

Course I also guess that means no one to talk to, no one to reach that high thing on the shelf, no one to fight over the morning paper with, and no one to scrub my back while I am in the tub.

I wonder if I will like it or hate it? I honestly don't know. Seems wierd to think I have never lived alone. Feels very..old fashioned, somehow. I met Rich when I was very young and went straight from having a college roommate to living with him.

Hmm. Interesting. Well there's a gym and a pool at the complex so I can use my lonely time to work out instead of cook big dinner meals. Though I suspect I will be putting in some long hours, so I don't think there will be much cooking.

SUSHI time!


  1. Unlike you, I have ONLY ever lived alone...after moving out from my parents' house, that is. I think everyone should, at some point. I can tolerate a month's co-habitation when subletting but that's it. :) So enjoy it while you can! You'll like hubby (even) more afterwards. :p

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Karla's Krib!
    I can just see it now. You lording about lady of the manor and loving the fact that at the end of the hard days graft you can do as you please and just relax in your own juices.

    It sounds scarey. But it will be GREAT.

    Still the Blogless one but soon to be SINGLE WHITE ( TRAVELLING) FEMALE!

  3. I'll bet you will work out like a convict and end up on the bodybuilding circuit! One hot momma!


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