Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A thing I will miss about Norway: LONDON!

One of the things I am struggling with on this move back to the US is that I won't be living in Europe anymore. That I won't be a 2 hour flight from any of many world heritage historical sites, places of interest, food meccas or places where the beer is heavenly. I am half German, was raised with a European mindset in many ways, and I can't escape this feeling that by going back to Texas (and the US) I will be 'stuck' away from a culture that I understand and feel comfortable in. I am trying to remind myself of the stuff I don't like (as in right now, we are having a 'sprengkulden'- cold snap and it is SO goddamned cold) such as the rude people on public transport, crappy grocery stores, cramped spaces everywhere, and the tiresomely expensive nature of everything.
But it isn't working well, as I keep thinking I will be TRAPPED and can NEVER LEAVE Houston again. I KNOW that's not the case, but right now I just keep mourning what I am leaving as opposed to what I hope I will be gaining. Second guessing myself, worrying did I make the right decision, am I making a mistake? ARGH.

And pictures of my recent trip to the UK aren't helping. I am so going to miss being so close to London. I really, truly am. That may have been the best part of my entire 10 years in Norway, has been the opportunity to go to London so frequently and get to know the city as well as, possibly, a native. This time around I was entirely sans map and got around without any problems at all.

Panoramic interior shot  (click to embigen) of St. Bartholomew the Great.   An ancient church by Smithfield in London. You have to seek it out, it's a bit hidden, and it is well worth the visit. When I went last week it was smoky with incense from the just-finished Sunday afternoon service. Fragrant and evocative of time.

St Paul's from the Millenium Bridge. I love this entire area, have walked here literally hundreds of times, and I never ever never get tired of it.

A view of the upper floors of buildings in a street near St Paul's. In London, as in new York, it is very worthwhile to look up. There's an interesting street scene literally everywhere you look.

A panoramic shot from the Millenium Bridge. St Paul's would be around and to your left. On the right at the end of the bridge is the Tate and ahead is the new building they call the Shard. You can just pick out the Globe Theatre on the right hand bank. (Might I mention I love my Panasonic Lumix camera? It does panoramic shots with no effort on my part whatsoever but to move the camera to the right a little bit. LOVE.)

The bar at the Zetter. Such a cozy place to hang out, with a newspaper or your computer, a nice drink, a fire in the grate, and feel safe and secure while it rains outside. maybe I will someday open a bar like this in Austin. Or, screw that, I'd take the money I'd need to open the bar and just get a flat in London and go to the Zetter all the time!

I swear to myself, when I get older, if I have enough money, I *will* buy a tiny flat in London and spend part of every year there. I will. That is my life goal. And, if you know anything about me, I usually achieve my goals. (Mainly because I don't set goals that are all that high or unachievable!)

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