Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today made up for yesterday

After yesterday's suck, and last night's suck remedy (getting plastered) I figured today would be Suck Day 2: Electric Boogaloo.

But it turned out fucking awesome.

I woke up with an impending hangover, and was a bit leery of getting out of bed. Luckily last night I had the presence of mind to do the following before hitting the sack: I drank a good quantity of water, took two milk thistle capsules, swallowed a Benadryl and took vitamin B. (Apparently antihistamines are a good hangover preventative as they ward off the immune response that causes the hangover).

So this morning I was a bit squishy, but all in all, not too bad, considering what I deserved.

I had to go to work to take care of some stuff that has looming deadlines, that for one reason or another I couldn't finish. Things that have really been stressing me out. Surprise! A hangover gives you a definite attitude of 'who the fuck cares' so I kind of breezed through what I needed to do with a minimum of fuss and bother. That devil-may-care attitude is something I need to remember in future.

My traditional breakfast food would be a breakfast taco, but as that is not available here, instead I had a big piece of chocolate cake from a bakery en route to the office. Really good hangover food, is cake. Nom nom.

After work I trundled over to Bogstadveien (Oslo's shopping street) to check out the latest H&M collections. And discovered by accident that today was the big Bogstadveien Outdoor Shopping Festival! SCORE! So not only did I get some pretty awesome stuff at H&M, but I found the sale from hell at Høyer and got a black leather and linen strapless sheath dress (By Malene Birger) for 400 nok, (down from 3500), a white muslin dress from Ralph Lauren for 400 (down from 1500) and a really sweet 50's style knee length pleated circle skirt (oh so mad men) for 250 nok, (down from 2800)!!!!! I decided that my luck was too good at that point and walked home, a nice walk through some posh streets with grand fin de siecle apartments, and happened by another shop where I scored the PERFECT pair of Katherine Hepburn style wide legged pleated pants for 75% off.

I am so psyched, because my weight loss and working out is paying off in SPADES in just being able to buy these clothes alone. I couldn't have fit a size 40 sheath dress last year. This year? Like butter. Wow does that dress fit nice.

Cherry on the's a gorgeous day. A cute boy smiled and said hi to me, for no reason. That has never happened to me in Norway, ever. Must've been my goofy grin.


  1. I guess Karma isn't always a bitch, eh? :) Don't know why you had a bad day, but glad to hear it got better.

  2. That might just be the best day you could have in Norland, congrats!


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