Friday, April 20, 2012

ah, balls

Balls is my new favorite curse word. It's in regular rotation in my vocabulary now. It's just so...round. And satisfying. BALLS. Since I work with men, it's especially satisfying, as I'm surrounded by the damned owners of the things all the time.

Anyhow, balls. Blogger changed their, well, everything. I am writing a post just so I can figure out how the hell to make a post. Isn't it bad enough that Facebook keeps going and changing stuff on me, now Blogger has to go and do it too? Dang newfangled fancy pants web developers.

Get offa mah lawn!

Things are poppin' all around me, it always gets busy in spring, somehow. So I am tired from everything that has been happening lately and next week I have my semi-annual round of meetings that lasts ALL WEEK and with social events EVERY night. And a busy weekend to follow as well.

Our apartment is now completely covered in scaffolding and there is a layer of green netting over it. The light that comes in has a distinct green tinge and it's not exactly enlivening. I makes me just want to stay in bed.

Which is what I might do all weekend, I am extraordinarily tired.

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