Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It's no surprise to anyone who reads this that my musical tastes run a little darker than most. When it comes to music I have a definite Goth side. I like music with a deep, rythmic beat, something that gets my hips moving without my conscious knowledge. I also like heavy guitar and I usually prefer male singers over female.

Today's shuffle, a selection:

Closer, NIN (a perennial and forever favorite. This song IS sex.)
Bad Things, Jace Everett (yeah, that song from True Blood, but c'mon, it's awesome)
Angry Chair, Alice in Chains
Fresh Blood, Eels
How Soon is Now, Smiths (what is it about that song that brings out the angsty teen in me?)
Skinflowers, Young Gods
Special Secret Song, Red Hot chili Peppers (aka the pussy song)(don't know it? find it, best groove (no pun intended) ever)
You Speak My Language, Morphine (I still miss Mark Sandman)
Monkey, Band of Joy (Robert Plant, oh GOD)

Notice a heavy leaning towards 90's and 80's? Some newer stuff, too, though, a bit.
I listen to my ipod at work but have to keep it way lower than music such as this wants to be played. However, your average office neighbor does not want to hear Alice in Chains or jane's Addiction coming to them through the walls, nor my somewhat tuneless but semi-powerful belting of such songs.

Wish I were ocean sized.....

(I just noticed that I am into my 9th year of blogging. Really? Nine years? That can't be right. But yes, there are nine years listed on that side bar. Jesus, I'm like the Samuel Pepys (except, you know, not as insightful or prolific or writerly or uncensored or anything like, really) of the blog set. Wish I were more Anais Nin. I need to find a way to print this shit out and have it for posterity, to hand down as a time capsule of an early turn of the 21st century woman and....Texpatriate.)


  1. If your printed out blog is the only thing to survive Armageddon the people who come after us will think we were all lunatic boozehounds.

    Actually. Not that terribly far from the truth. Time capsule away!

  2. Ah I enjoy your taste in Music...We run along similar lines and I always prefer male singers to female...not sure why. I saw NIN on thier farewell tour a couple of years ago...It was in the bowery in NYC and one of thier smallest venues played in of the BEST concerts I ever saw...fantastic performace!

  3. Nine years?! Impressive, most impressive. And I've been looking for fresh music which is why I clicked here. I forgot about Closer. How I forgot about Closer, I've no idea, but I did. Downloading now. Thx.

  4. jaymo9:58 PM

    "Lunatic boozehounds"? I like that! And I get your need for music...I like your stuff too, but have to admit to more of a singer/songwriter focus in the last few years.


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