Friday, September 30, 2011


It got up to 70F in Oslo today.

On September 30th. I wore sandals and a sleeveless top today. On SEPTEMBER 30TH.

That's freaky warm for here.

Supposed to be really nice tomorrow, too. Supposedly it got up to 80 in London today. Maybe I should head over there. That extra 10 degrees sounds nice. We didn't really get a good summer here, so I guess this is our payback for the crappy rainy summer we DID have. An Indian summer.

Last year I remember September was really cold, unseasonably cold and early. In our building we have shared heat, so the rule is that the heat comes on in October and gets turned off end April. They took pity on us last year and turned the heat on in mid-September, it was too cold to try to make it to October. We had frost on the inside of the windows. This year we seem to be ok, we'll make it into October fine. This last gasp of summer is a wonderful gift.

I had a nice after work happy hour enjoying the sun with some girlfriends and then (after 5 hours of drinking) headed home in time to catch "Diamonds Are Forever" on tv. Just as wonderfully cheesy as I remember. Jill St John was not exactly the Meryl Streep of her time, was she?

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  1. Jaymo8:54 AM

    Must have been something in the air around here, we put in some time bending elbows too yesterday.  Now, if I only had a good cheesy movie or seven to watch!


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