Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall is coming

It's a beautiful sunny day. We are having an Indian summer, so the weather people tell us. It will be almost 70 degrees in the next couple of days.

But it won't last.

The days are already shorter. Mornings are colder. And darker. I am already feeling that Fall lethargy. I can't get up, I'm tired all day, and my energy levels are shite. I'm forcing myself to work out, to walk, to move, to stay out of bed.

I rode my bike to work today. It's probably one of the last days I will be able to do so. Once it gets icy, once the leaves are too thick on the ground, I don't ride my bike because let's face it, I'm a klutz and the likelihood of me falling off the bike due to slippery leaves or ice is fairly high. So I am enjoying it while I can. Riding my bike makes me feel like a kid, like I am flying, I truly love everything about it (except, maybe, some of the hills I have to go up.) I will miss my bike when I have to park it for the winter. I will miss that little energy rush I get as I fly down the hill through the crisp morning air to work. I bust in to the office lobby with pink cheeks, hair crackling with static, elevated heart rate, faster breath....I feel alive.

When winter comes I will walk when I can or take the bus. The bus saps my energy, I don't like it. Cranky people packed like sardines into jerky busses, no one being particularly polite or pleasant. We are all resigned to the fact that we are cattle on the way to the slaughter that is the daily grind of work. Oddly enough, I like my job, but that damned bus ride just feels so bleak. I think I might try to shake it up by bringing my iPod and listening to comedians en route. I can bust out laughing to the raunchy comedic stylings of Patton Oswalt, Bill Hicks, Louis CK and Craig Ferguson. I can be a ray of slightly mad sunshine in an otherwise humorless world.

Or maybe I am just that crazy red headed lady with the wierd glasses on the #20 bus laughing at nothing. I'm kind of ok with that.


  1. Have you tried blue light in fall/winter?  I'm in Seattle and the constant grey skies are sapping me of my will to live so my doctor recommended a light.  You can get them at amazon (here's the one I have:  They are expensive but worth it.  My husband makes fun of it but even he's noticed a difference in how I'm feeling.

  2. How can you have Indian summer without Indians? That said, being a little outwardly crazy might just get you a little more room on the bus, thereby being more cod-like than sardine-like.

  3. karlakp10:45 AM

    Lora, thanks for that link! We do have those here, many people in my office have them on their desks at work and just sit next to them as they work. I kind of enjoy the dark and the quiet, I almost go into a form of hibernation in winter and enjoy the excuse to be quiet and read. It makes the time when the light comes back that much better......

  4. I have to agree that I, too, like the dark and quiet.  But, at least for me (and it sounds like maybe you as well), all that dark and quiet makes me sleepy and more than a little stabby.  Hence the light.  If it weren't for that pesky mental status of mine fall/winter would be spectacular! 


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