Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I wish I was there now, Tunisia 2008

I found this picture in my computer, it's from our trip to Tunisia in 2008. Oh I wish I was there now, drinking their wonderful rose, eating those amazing olives, and about to have a great meal of freshly caught seafood while being serenaded by two astonishing musicians from North Africa that I swear made me want to get up and dance and holler. Most amazing music ever.

We got there a bit earlier than the rest of the diners and watched the place fill up, full of families and celebrations and a wedding party and life and fun and happiness. We were on a pier on the ocean, and watched the sunet while the fishermen came in with their catch of the day. I was wearing a dress that I absolutely adore (so comfy and fun to wear and rather gorgeous if I do say so myself) and there was nothing about that evening I didn't enjoy.

You gotta remember moments like that, they sustain you on chilly dreary days like today.


  1. Dave29:45 AM

    I too would love to go back to Tunisia. My visit was all too short, and the country has much more to offer than I got to see.

  2. Were you able to bring home a CD of their music, by any chance?  That would be sweet!


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