Tuesday, May 24, 2011

restless like the wind

I'm in a funny mood.

The weather in Oslo has become very windy and very chilly, it feels like the onset of fall. Dark scuddering clouds rush by, with fitful sun here and there, but the wind is so strong and chill that any warmth the sun creates is blown away. it rains intermittently, just enough to get you damp and cold, but it's too windy for an umbrella.

I'm restless and cranky. Goddmmit, this is supposed to be SUMMER. I'm supposed to be warm. I'm wearing the dresses and the sandals, I'm following the calendar, can't the weather follow suit? I feel so stressed, I see my three months of warmth (June, July and August (only until the 24th, as that seems to be when fall starts every year)) getting pissed away by this shitty weather and I resent it. The weather page online right now tells me that with the wind it feels like +4C outside. People, that is NOT warm. That is not even close.

Rich has 'man flu', and, poor bugger, when he has a cold life in our apartment goes on standby. I don't get much sleep because he's snoring (I know, I know, he can't help it) and I've been trying to use ear plugs but they seem to be doing nothing more than blocking my ears and now I can't hear bugger all. My ears hurt and are clogged and that is pissing me off. I can't sleep, and it's also really cold in our flat because our building has central heat, which is turned off at the end of April. Considering that it is in the 40's at night, it gets bloody cold in the apartment, so even if I wanted to sleep on the sofa to get some shut eye, I can't because I just can't get warm. I'm pretty warm natured, so for me to put on socks and sweats means it's COLD in that apartment.

I keep seeing all the press about this awful tornado and weather in Joplin MO and that is quite close to my parents, so I am obsessively watching the radar in their area, worrying that they are next. I'd really like to go home nad be with them, but when i was there in April, the weather was as bad as it is here right now. I swear, I feel like the weather is just closing in on me and I can't escape it.

I'm doing this diet thing and I just want some dang results but I guess my metabolism is slower than I thought, because, seriously, three weeks of this shit now, shouldn't I see more than the possible 3 lbs I think I have lost, though it's hard to tell with my wobbly and moody scale? It changes 5 lbs or more depending on which direction I lean, so I sort of have to pick a number in the middle somewhere. I'm exercising! I'm moving! I'm cutting back! I'M NOT DRINKING FRIGGING ROSE FOR THIS SHIT! I need results, and I need them now. Or I am just gonna start drinking again.

I want out of here. Can I go back to Jordan or Tunisia? Please?

Oh yeah, the fucking Icelandic volcano is starting up again. So, of course, that means that travel could be bunged up and guess who will be in the UK not long from now? If that trip gets cancelled, I don't know what I will do. All I know is, Iceland better take better care of their volcanos, manage them better, appease them somehow (maybe toss in a few virgins?) cuz, really, this is getting ridiculous.


  1. karlakp9:34 AM

    Hmph. PMS much, Karla? I gave in and today I am having a big fuck off plate of pasta with bacon and cream sauce and some bloody wine. So there.

  2. Jaymo1:43 PM

    "Scuddering"?  I give you fifty bonus points, that there's a twenty-dollar word if I ever did see one.  And you mean to tell me this is friggin' summer?  Good thing I left all the weapons back home, I'd be trying to get my big toe in the trigger guard of th shotgun right about now.  I think it's time for a Number Six intervention, weather-wise.  I'm with you, bug out to Saint Somewhere and soak up some rays.
    As regards the damned and damnable diet...a girl gives up drinkin' in this town, she's paying some serious dues!  I feel for you, payin' my own dues diet-wise too.  As my spiritual advisor BB King says, "Father Time is catching up with me, gone is my youth, I look in the mirror everyday, and Lord it tells me the truth".  Carry on, fight the good fight, wear glasses if you need them.

  3. Jaymo1:47 PM

    Just read about your fuck-off pasta and IV-vino, not that you need my approval but you've got it.  With your kind permission I plan to appropriate that term for later use.  And to think I worried about saying "shucks, you use your tongue purtier than a twenty-dollar whore" (Slim Pickens, Blazing Saddles) in re "scuddering"...

  4. karlakp10:52 AM

    Jay, no point quoting the Mel at me. Blazing Saddles is a Quote-a-Thon in my family. "Hey! Where da white women at?"


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