Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17th

IMG-20110517-00382.jpg, originally uploaded by karlakp.

17 May (Norway's National Day, like July 4th) on tv. Getting ready to go out in it. Shame the US doesn't have a national costume tradition like Norway, because the bunader sure are pretty. Everyone looks so elegant and olde worlde in their outfits, it adds a certain old school charm to Oslo. Women walk better in full skirts than they do in tight mini-skirts, more assured and almost swaggery. Nice to see.

Even nicer are the men in tight bucksin trousers.

I love 17 Mai!


  1. Shanna8:29 AM

    You should love the day cause I was born today. ;)  Someday when you are back in the states we must meet.  You need to visit Wisconsin.  Or I need to visit Texas.  Either one will work.

  2. karlakp9:22 AM

    you and a very good friend of mine were born today. I've never been to Wisconsin...have you been to Texas?

  3. Funny story: Hiding from anything and everything Norwegian today in West Hollywood, CA; lo and behold, a band of Norwegian and a few American youths came parading into my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, waving Norwegian flags and wearing flag lapel pins. I nearly fainted.


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