Friday, May 20, 2011


Someone on a forum on my LoseIt website posted this. Too funny. Happy Rapture, I guess Norway will be pretty unscathed. Or whatever. (Click on the picture to bigify.)

In other news, if the Rapture don't take me, riding my bike in Oslo on a Friday will. Damn, I don't think I will ride my bike to work on Fridays anymore.


  1. It's not your imagination...they thirst for biker blood here

  2. zunzun2:16 AM

    LOL! it true though...the high percentage of Athiests? If yes, then I need to move....I hate living in the closet...yes, yes, I could out myself but just saying "Agnostic" to soften the blow rattles people so much I'm ususally too scared to say the "A" word! 

  3. I had so hoped not to have to make any more damn plans! zunzun, I feel your pain.


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