Monday, August 03, 2009

when it rains it pours

...and I do mean that literally.


Jeez. Norwegian summers can really suck. (AND yes, I know you guys in Austin are gagging for some rain. Sorry, we seem to be bogarting it.)

And in another area of the 'suck' department, I am tired of hurting myself. Yesterday, in what I can only call a rather instant example of karmic payback (which I won't go into, but I did deserve it, I just didn't expect it that soon), I fell down a small flight of stairs in a movie theater and FUCKED UP my knee. In my defense, it was dark and there was NO WAY I could have known that there were stairs there...but shit, man, I ate it so hard that the thud reverberated throughout the theatre ( I was re-watching Harry Potter) and some rude teenage boys laughed at the old lady (me) who fell down the stairs. Little fuckers. One nice lady did ask if I was ok, but do you do that thing where if you do something stupid or embarrassing and someone asks if you are ok, you say "Yeah, sure, I'm FINE" like it's no big deal and why are you TALKING to me, and then sort of run off?

That's what I did.

But I wasn't ok. I was mad and hurt and embarrassed and upset and honestly, kind of weepy.

I hate it when I do that.

So today I went to work in a New Fabulous Outfit with bruised and scraped knees. And it rained, so I couldn't wear the Cute Sandals. I had to wear the Boring Old Boots. Today went ok, though. No real problems beyond shoe frustration. So maybe karma is satisfied with the instant payback from yesterday.

I am getting a little scared of karma. She is keeping an eye on me and the retribution for my sins is fierce. And really damned fast.

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